Thursday, May 30, 2013

hard working boys

Rusty is trying to teach our boys how to work, like physical labor.  No matter what direction their lives take, he wants them to know how to work hard and earn money.  

Carter and Andrew have had the privilege to work with Rusty some, he pays them and that is very motivational (to one more than the other).  

Yesterday they loaded up trimmings from tress, bushes and shrubs from a house Rusty was working on.  All sides of the house had to brought back under control.  He brought the boys and the trailer home after lunch and they unloaded it onto our burn pile.  

It was HOT and humid but at the end of the day they were still smiling!

I am proud of these boys!  Two very different personalities but they love each other to the core, even when they fight:)

Tomorrow I am paying them to make a rock wall around my herb garden.

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