Thursday, May 30, 2013

around the farm

The chickens (pullets) are doing great.  We think there is still 49 of them.  They eat a ton!  We give them all of our raw scraps.  Some of their favorites are strawberries, any type of melon, zucchini, squash, and mangoes.  They really eat any fruit.  They love worms, ticks and flying bugs.

They also hunt for dropped bird feed under the feeders and will run off any wild bird trying to eat from the ground.  We have a ton of Gold Finches right now.

THE DUCKS.  Well, we are down to 4.  We thought all along that we had 4 females and 1 mixed-up-so-badly-that-it-can't-be-identified duck but a few days ago we noticed that one duck's head it starting to turn green...

 Andrew is beyond excited!  He always wanted one to be a green-head.

Asapargus... we found a plant growing by the edge of the road.  The aspargus is SO GOOD.  The most tender I have ever had.

Rusty was swatting mosquitoes while humoring me for a picture.  The plant is well over 6 feet tall and the asparagus grows out of the ground in about a 2ft radius from the main plant.  We have planted some in our garden but can't pick it for 2 more years:(  A county mower actually told us he had seen the plant, it was laughed about and then a few weeks later Rusty found it while mowing.

THE GARDEN.  Nothing looks great.  The tomatoes that were aphid infested are improving.  Things look a little smaller and have yellow leaves that shouldn't be there.  Cabbage worms have found the cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower and kale.  They are destroying it in short order.  I have used Sevin Dust in the past, not now.  I do have some inseciticidal soap that I made out of Zote soap, water and Neems oil.  It has worked on the aphids, hoping it might slow down the worms too.  I did read where you can put wood ashes on vegetables like cabbage so I did that this evening.  I am also dealing with rolling/curling leaves on some tomatoes plants... not aphid caused.

Organic style gardening is a work in progress.  I have lady bugs (beneficial) so that is good.  Next year I know of herbs to plant near certain plants and birds to attract to eat the bad bugs.  I am not going back to chemicals but this is a lot of work!

Check out what I found last night...
A tomato that had one of it's seeds sprout inside it!

And it looks like work but it is pure fun...

Rusty and the three boys went to the neighbors (with permission) to get a dog house and some lumber out of his burn pile.  So the boys rode on the tractor on the way there and IN the dog house on the way back.  Call it dangerous, red-neck or whatever... they had fun!

Tonight we made tomato stakes out of the lumber.

Let the learning continue, whether by failure or knowledge.

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