Monday, June 3, 2013

work and fun

Andrew is not afraid of work, he is actually drawn to it!  Calls it fun.

Especially when the tiller is involved.  He calls this small one his own.

He is a lot like his father.  He thinks it is fun too;)

After they plowed through the weeds we went for a walk on the neighbors property and took pictures of every blooming wild thing we could find.  We found 29 varieties of beautiful blooms.  Amazing what God has given us to enjoy.

Sometimes we forget to slow down and enjoy what is right around us.  That includes our kids.  We work like we might actually finish one day, not possible around here.  

Our beautiful mild mornings lend themselves to being on the patio...

And Aubrey has fun by chasing the ducks and making them fly:)

I don't have any pictures of Carter but he has been busy creating new paracord bracelets and more origami than I knew was possible.

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Miranda Rose said...

Andrew in the overalls with his tiller, so awesome! Love it!