Thursday, May 16, 2013

ma sue is here

When MaSue comes we like to try and do something that we don't do everyday.  Last night we went fishing at our neighbor's farm.
(And we made homemade strawberry ice cream with delicious berries from the Amish.  We were going to go pick berries but they want $3.75 per quart here to pick and the Amish will pick them for you for $2 a quart.  The experience is worth the extra money but we are growing some strawberries that the kids can pick).

We had 3 nice catfish and one got away when Rusty was trying get the hook out of his throat.  The kids had a ball.  Benjamin has a new friend in Gary and we can't wait for he and his wife to build out here.  MaSue is going to pan sear the fish tonight for the kids.  Rusty and I have a home school conference tonight and all day Saturday and Sunday and she is staying with kids!

Random pictures from around the house...
Carter's favorite chicken.  Very pronounced comb and waddle.

We keep getting early morning visits from this girl.

Two of the three slept in the woods in teh ENOS the other night, one couldn't stand the constant howl of the coyotes and came in early:)

(We were outside Sunday night from about 10-midnight covering all of our plants due to a severe frost warning.  We didn't get back from KY until about 9:30 and quickly put the kids to bed and got to work.)

Andrew is in love with these ducks.  I think he took about 90 pictures of them.  They are now flying, they even took a flight over the house yesterday:)  He was amazed and excited and was thrilled he witnessed it!

We are slowly turning this place into a small farm (it used to be a huge farm and was broken down into several tracks, we have the house and about 20 acres of the original 200-300).

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