Thursday, May 16, 2013


What a day!  

I went into labor around midnight, called my parents to come and headed to the hospital.  Less than 30 minutes after arriving Andrew Cole was born and he has been just that impatient ever since:)

This boy of ours is truly a joy.  

Always full of life (and mischief). 

He is passionate about the things he does and is always ready for an adventure.

We are just so thankful that the Lord blessed us with this son.

We celebrated Andrew's birthday in KY with some of his cousins and Rusty's mom.  We drove the boat down the lake to get pizza, the kids played, we took a late night ride on the boat and had a lot of fun despite the very cool weather.  I took my camera but left the card in my laptop:( 

Hard to believe our blond curly headed little boy is nine! 

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