Thursday, June 6, 2013

birds, mammals and more

On Monday Andrew and I hung out for a while, just the two of us.  He wants to be outside either working or exploring.  Here are some pictures of our time together...

We found this Hawk's nest about 30 feet up in a scaly bark Hickory tree.  We could hear the baby and we watched the mama come and go BUT we could never get a picture.  We hope that Rusty might be willing to get up there and get that nest down once the hawks are gone.

A frog on the almost empty pond.

White pigeons.  We were both staring with dropped jaws.  Beautiful birds.

Took this through the fence at the neighbors.  

And then I got Andrew inside and we made granola together.  This was after I let him drive me around on the 4-wheeler.  That is one wild ride where you hold on tight and know that just because you trust him to drive he feels loved.

Andrew's 2 favorite things to make in the kitchen are granola and salsa.

Tuesday we took a trip to the zoo with Autumn and Cooper.

Yesterday the oldest 3 worked at the AG center for Dairy Day.  They helped run a mock farmers market.  After 4 hours of work they were ready to volunteer for next time.  

During the time I was gone to drop them off, the neighbors house was struck by lightening and began to burn, very quickly.  I did not learn about the fire until I tried to go home.  I was not allowed to enter my road so I went grocery shopping.  Right after the fire started a friend texted Rusty and told him there was a lot of smoke coming from right near our house.  She drove over, was not allowed to enter and was told by a police man that it was about the 4th house down on the right, a white house... um, well that would be us (we are actually the 3rd house)!  For several minutes Rusty thought our house was burning down.  Through a series of texts and calls he was able to get conformation on the house number and realized it was the house before ours about a 1/4 mile from us.  Wow.  A situation like that puts things in perspective.  We are thankful it was not our house.  We are thankful that the woman sleeping in the house made it out and that no one was hurt.  And we are thankful that she has a place to go and was able to save some of her stuff even though the house is a total loss.

We know that this life here is temporary.  We are reminded that our focus needs to stay heavenward.  Thankful for God's protection.

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