Saturday, June 8, 2013

just another friday, or not

Rusty noticed some bones on the property across the road on Thursday evening.  The 4-wheeler was out of gas so he didn't stop to look at them.  Friday morning he took Andrew over to check it out and this is what they came back with.

A horse skull.
Which he wants to hang on his wall in his room:)

We fought the worms and the worms won, but not completely!
We lost our brussel sprouts, cauliflower, a row of cabbage and and the remainder of the broccoli (we did enjoy a handful of meals that included it though).  

If you have chickens you know that they love food scraps and worms so we turned our loss into feed for the chickens.  

And they had a FEAST!

Aubrey and Carter pulled up all of the infested plants and took them over to the compost pile, that is where we feed the chickens food other than their feed.

The chickens cleaned up the worms and also enjoyed the leaves of the broccoli, what was left of them that is!

Rusty's newest purchase...

a leaf blower for $2.74 from the scrap yard.  Andrew has claimed it.

Andrew has also decided that when he grows up he is going to either own a peach orchard, own a lawn care service or buy and sell 4-wheelers.  If you know him, you totally get this!

Later in the afternoon Andrew and I trimmed up some tress.  I want to be able to see part of the garden from my kitchen table.  In the process we found a rabbit's nest that had been uncovered when Rusty bush hogged a few days ago.  

There was one little baby left.

It was alive but very weak.  Aubrey ran inside and googled what to do.  She made a solution to feed it and did.  She got out a heating pad and created a new home.  Some opinions online said don't even try to save a baby rabbit and others said it is doable but tough, especially with one that is only about a week old.  The little guy made it through two feedings and then died.  It was a good and sad experience.  Kids attach to animals fast.

 Carter has interest such as legos, origami, paracord bracelets, games like Mindcraft and Stop Motion movies.  He spent all day creating a movie that ran for a minute and a half. 

These days are busy and there is never ever a dull moment:)  And I love it!

Rusty and I even got to go out to dinner on our own on Thursday night.

Off to go shovel horse manure around the tomato plants:)

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