Monday, June 17, 2013

father's day 2013

Our day started with me making pancakes before anyone was awake!  

We did not get home until almost 1am Sunday morning, we attended my cousin's wedding in west Tennessee Saturday night.  

I had to go to church to teach so I left Rusty here with the 5 kids and they played games, layed around and made a stop motion movie using our Scrabble game.  Rusty was also out until 1am Saturday morning working on the Children's home lawn mower.  He was tired!

I got home about 1:30 and we had a grab-whatever-you-can-find-to-eat kinda lunch.  The two little ones ate pancakes again, I know... real healthy.

We went for a walk and ended up walking to our neighbor's house where Rusty is building a picnic pavillion and we met them coming out of their driveway.  They invited us to fish so we continued our walk and then headed home to get our fishing stuff.  

The kids said, "This is the best Father's Day ever"!  HA!

It was a good, relaxing and fun-for-everyone kinda day.

WARNING... entirely too many pictures for one post:/  Oh well.

Walking on the trail to go into the cave.

Her first fish of the day.  She was just a tad bit excited.

This is our one and done guy.  He caught this one fish and was done.  It was big and all he needed:)

Our top fisher, again:)

Andrew wasn't catching much and the frustration was rising.  FINALLY he pulled this big one in:)


Since Rusty likes John Deere so much Aubrey bought him this John Moose hat in Canada last year on her trip!

We called it quits.  I had Rusty drop me off at the garden and I picked some veggies while he went to clean the fish.

One of our favorite things to do at night is watch our ducks fly.  They keep going a little farther from home each time but so far they come back!

We ended the day with dinner and reading from a Sugar Creek book, one of our favorite series to read aloud!

A terrific unplanned day!  The only thing we bought for this meal were the portabella mushrooms (and the lemon).

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