Friday, June 28, 2013

what a week

Last Thursday we had friends come to spend a couple of days.  When they come we like to have other mutual friends over to visit and so we did that again this time.  

The kids played in the water until late afternoon when a storm blew up.  In the middle of that very short storm our well and phone/internet was struck by lightening.  

So... no home phone (no big deal), no internet (not too big of a deal) and NO WATER (a bit of a deal since we had 4 families over here and you need water to cook and flush toilets, just to name a few).

We had dinner.  Flushed toilets with water that we purchased from Publix (we keep it here since we don't drink our well water).  

It all worked out fine.  Our friends that spent the night are our camping friends and don't get worked up when luxuries like water go away.  

By 9:00pm Friday we had water in our house.  Rusty ran a new pump and 150ft of pipe into the well across the street and then it took another 150ft to get it pulled through a drain culvert and connected it up to our existing tank.  All of this after 2 house calls from different people to confirm that our well that we had been using was trashed.  The water line blew out and then the walls of the well collapsed in on the pump and it is now stuck 300ft in the ground with about 270ft of pipe attached to it:)

We are still using the temporary well.  Deciding what to do.  Our insurance company will cover a new well and pump and this could all be a big blessing in disguise. The water that was coming into our house was nothing short of gross.  Neon yellow this time of year due to sulfur, to say it stinks in an understatement.  

So we will see what happens.  This temporary well runs better (but not good) water so far but we have no treatment or filter set up for it right now.

Makes you appreciate water and internet (we were without for about a week).  I don't have a smart phone.  I email daily, when it is not down!

I have no pictures from when our friends were here but here are some I have taken over the past week...

These 2 are frequenting our field across the street.

The head of this one continues to get greener...

We are pretty certain that 3 of our 50 "hens" are roosters!

My watering "helper"... she just helped herself to the hose.


Wild blackberries, some have started ripening.  These were a super exciting find but that excitment dwindled when I was told by 2 people that copperheads hang out in blackberry patches:(  Not good.  I will still pick.

Good insects killing bad worms, YES!  

Tomato Hornworm covered with white cocoons of Braconid Wasp, love it!

My superhero:)

The ducks love to drink right from the hose.

I bought these yesterday.  Another couple of days to finish ripening and the jelly making/canning/freezing will be in full swing!

The oldest 3 kids are in PA with my parents and the house is quiet.  The last time the older kids left it was hard, they help and entertain the little ones.  This time, it has been a breeze so far!  Benjamin and Hope are playing wonderfully together, helping me in the garden, helping me rearrange bedrooms (which is a SURPRISE for the older kids when they get back), helping me clean and getting to do some extra fun things also!

Looking forward to a good weekend and week ahead.

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Rutledge 7 said...

AND I guess I should mention that our 4-wheeler was stolen last week as well:( Someone unhitched it from the trailer, pushed it out to the road and took off with it. Frustrating.