Sunday, June 30, 2013

lovin' the little two

In the 2+ years of Benjamin and Hope being part of our family this is, hands down, the easiest time we have had with them when the older kids have been gone.  

Hope usually cries for Aubrey, a lot.  

Benjamin usually is a bit (or a lot) destructive and sad.

They are not crying, they are not asking for their brothers and sister.

They are content with Rusty and I.

They are playing great together.

After church today we took them to lunch and then the zoo.  They even got ice cream at the zoo, a rare treat!

We came home, fed the chickens, walked around the yard for a while and then had dinner (cereal and fruit) and then it was bedtime.  We have been putting these two to bed between 6-7 and it has been nice!  Rusty and I have so much of the evening together.

Such free spirits.

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