Wednesday, July 10, 2013

a boy and his boat (and his salsa)

Andrew received a couple of remote control boats from his aunt and uncle a year or two ago.  They wear out (or get abused) in a short amount of time but we have been able to replace them under warranty so far.  We have had a gift card for months to get the last one replaced and we finally did today.  The 3 days of rain we had filled our ponds so there is lots of space to drive them around.

 We all watched and watched.  It is the most entertaining for the driver, especially when it is over 90 degrees!

I had my own entertainment on the sidelines...

When we were walking back up to the house we stopped for a photo shot with Hope and Benjamin with the flowers they plants back a few months ago.  We started them inside and then Benjamin picked a spot to transplant them to.

We came in and I made some pickled jalapenos.  HOT!

Andrew was finally able to make some salsa from his salsa garden.  He put 4 Roma tomatoes, 1 jalapeno, 1/2 onion, a handful of cilantro and 3 small garlic cloves (I added a little salt and pepper and he was "mad" because he didn't grow the salt and pepper.

Delicious:)  It's what we had for dinner, just me and the littlest 3 here tonight!  I did make a little guacamole for Hope and me:)

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