Tuesday, July 9, 2013

and the garden grows

We have learned a lot this year with gardening here among the wildlife and soil we did not get tested.

  We have lost quite a bit to deer and rabbits but are blessed to be enjoying so much more too.

This kids eats just about anything you give him.  
Carrots taste so much better with the greens still attached:)

We are hoping to replant some stuff this week.  I am propagating strawberries, will have to get a picture... it is so easy!

Our cucumbers are booming so I tried a pinterest recipe for Clausen like pickles... a total hit.  In 24 hours this gallon jar was empty.  We are making more tomorrow and they will not be eaten that fast again.  Carter, Andrew and Hope ate 90% of them:)  I know, sodium overload!

Being as creative as possible with squash and zucchini, always looking for new ways to prepare it.

Let the learning curve continue.

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