Saturday, July 6, 2013

the past few days...

We have been praying for our 5 year old friend, Kate.  She has battled Epilepsy for the past 4 years.  With no success in controlling seizures via meds they have chosen to do brain surgery to give this little girl some relief.  So to show our support we wore our "Team Kate" shirts and prayed for her throughout the day.  With Benjamin it left a lot of questions about what is a brain and how will the doctor get in there and how will they close it up and so on and so on.  Recovery is underway for Kate and God has been faithful.

 We found ourselves some wild blackberries:)

It rained here ALL DAY on the 4th.  We were going to go see the fireworks in Murfreesboro but decided to spend $12.99 and enjoy some at home instead... in the rain of course!

And with a short break in the rain today we went back out to gather some more blackberries while Hope was napping...

Everyone uses a tractor to pick blackberries, right?

It started to sprinkle and then the bottom fell out of the sky, again.  We ran for the neighbors barn and then decided to make a dash for the house.  Rusty driving the tractor and Benjamin and I running with the berries.

We had to let them dry before we bagged them up to freeze.

Earlier in the week I had some help in the garden.

A Cicada beside a shell of a Cicada.  A first for me to see.  I told Hope to listen to the sound of a Cicada (she was not looking at this).  I asked her if she heard it and she replies, "oh yeah, she was in my class one time".  What?  

A very mild week here led to lots of time on the front porch.  I moved this little picnic table out there and it has been great.  Not sure why I didn't think of this sooner.

Rusty bought Benjamin a 4-wheeler at the scrap metal place for $50.  He is in love!  With his daddy and the 4-wheeler.  I have never seen him so thankful for anything before.  He would ride for a minute and then get off and hug Rusty and thank him.  This went on and on and on.  So genuine and so sweet...

The big kids are due back tomorrow night late:)  YEAH!

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