Friday, July 19, 2013

improving the coop

There was some hard work going on here this past Saturday as Rusty and the kids added nesting boxes to the chicken coop.

The chickens should start laying in the next 4-6 weeks!

This guy was at a friend's house so he missed out on a bunch of the work, he made it in time for clean up.

There has never been a power tool that Benjamin wasn't confident he could use.
We don't let him but he soaks up every detail and second of one being used!

Hope had a couple of titles, sawdust cleaner upper and foreman.

 Can't help but love the summer dress and winter boots!
 What an animated child:)
 We got everything all ready at just before dark, when the chickens usually go into their coop, at least half of them wouldn't!  They were not up to the changes so much.  At 11:00pm Rusty and I were getting the last few out of the trees so they would be safe.

During the construction Aubrey finds and houses a snake.  After a dream that it got out that night (I had told her to keep it OUTSIDE), she let it go the next day!


I guess you shouldn't have a post about a chicken coop without some pics of chickens...

One of the bosses...

Voted most strange bird here, check out those feathers on his feet...

What a face to leave you with:)

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