Thursday, July 18, 2013

only us (and todays other fun)

Only the Rutledge kids would walk up the road to collect the hawk that their grandmother just hit and killed with her car so they could keep the wings and talons (yes, Andrew wanted more but I agreed to this).

Before we could do the above "saving" we put the hawk in a bag in the outside fridge so we could go to the cheap movie that theatre does on Thursdays, with our friends.  And we went to lunch sporting our newly made tye-dye t-shirts.

When we came home Carter and Benjamin quickly found something to do...
 love this stuff!

After dinner we treated ourselves to some homemade peach ice cream, yum!

even Bandy got a taste or two!

Carter and Aubrey finished a Lego master piece this evening....

a drive-in theatre, using a Kindle Fire!

  complete with separate concession stand...

All in a days fun:)

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