Tuesday, September 17, 2013

gifts, just because

I have been given a few gifts that are what I call "just because gifts".

Back in the spring my sister-in-law gave me this awesome paitned canvas when we went to see them in KY.
She was in a bookstore, saw it, thought of me and bought it!
I have it on my kitchen counter and love seeing it everyday!

Just last week Rusty came home with 3 of these old style wooden screen doors, yep the spring loaded ones that slam every time you go in and out of them.  I love them!

And back in the summer Rusty brought home this yard/garden wagon  for me to use for all of my outdoor happenings.  I love this too!  I have used it a ton.

Rusty and I don't usually get each other Christmas gifts but rather gifts like these during the year that seem to mean so much more to us!  Its different than what some prefer but we like it this way better!

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