Tuesday, October 29, 2013

pumpkins, lady beetles and rockets

Every fall we typically carve pumpkins.
I know we have missed a few times and I think this is the first time Benjamin and Hope have really dug in!
They loved it!

The roast seed were delicious.
We displayed the pumpkins for a day and then they became pig food:)

A first for me... jalapeno pepper jelly!  We ate some last night, yum!

Andrew and his camo.

It all started yesterday and it got worse today.

LADY BEETLES by the millions!

Now this is the way to fatten up:)

The chickens have braved entry into the pig pen.  The rooster might meet his match!  Don't mess with the pig's food!

Last week the boys built and were supposed to launch their rockets.  The wind made them postpone the launch and it was rescheduled for tonight...

They loved it.  The boys, mostly carter, used to build rockets about 4 years ago... I think the interest has been reignited!

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