Tuesday, October 22, 2013

an oink oink here and an oink oink there...

Yes, we now have pigs here at our place.

Andrew will be raising them and showing them through 4H.

Their ears were tagged to identify them for the show.  Andrew was able to tag one and boy was it a sight or should I say sound?!
 Day one they were scared of him and now the female runs to him when he comes out, she knows he has treats (lettuce, apple or something of the like).

He is one pleased boy:)

Aside from the pigs here are a few other things happening around here...

In the pond, snake eats frog.

In the house, the outdoor cat sleeps:)

We are getting about 28-32 eggs a day!

We had our first fire on Friday night.

We spent some time just walking and exploring after church on Sunday...

(we think we may tear this down and start over, rusty has been given used materials that we could use)

 And this lively little girl...

I know I have written about her sleep "problems" in the past.

We are there again:(

She wakes up during the night and stays awake for a long time.

Her attitude and behavior show her lack of sleep.

Is it fear or insecurity? We don't know.

She talks to herself not asking to get about of bed.

Praying her body, soul and mind can find pure rest.

And then there is FRED...

He is a bit mean.

He may not be with us much longer, not sure yet!

Then hens, they are great!

Our favorite, Bonnie Black...

The ducks, we are down to two!  We can't figure out what is getting them one by one.

We had our first frost so I covered some herbs I have been growing and then went our the next day to harvest.  I am drying and freezing some and others I dug up, potted and brought inside.  We'll see if they make it in here.

 Life is busy and we don't do a lot of extra stuff outside of our home!

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