Wednesday, October 9, 2013

lots to do, little time to write

It seems like I blink my eyes and another week has gone by.

A couple of weekends ago Rusty and the kids started on another tree fort!
They are looking forward to working on it some more this weekend.
 They have LOTS of help.

The newest member of our animal family.
Meet Ann.
She purrs a ton.
She is a bit ferrel.
A lady rescued her from an inner city neighborhood and now she is on the farm with us!

Carter created Aubrey, himself and Andrew out of Legos!
Spot on!

Rusty and I were able to attend a benefit dinner for the International Justice Mission.
Business/Cocktail attire, out of our league but it was so good to learn of the good worth they are doing.
Aubrey babysat.
Man she is growing up fast!

We have a new Bug Catcher in the family!

And another love/hate relationship is formed!

I tried to fix (that is southern for prepare) all of our garden vegetable in very healthy ways this summer but as the summer came to an end, I picked the last of the green tomatoes and fried them.  Oh my, they were delicious!  Not healthy but oh-so-worth-it!

Andrew and his adventures continue...


And Andrew has been working hard at clearing out some of the wooded area for us.  Rusty and I went to the Together For Adoption Conference (AMAZING- it's actually how we celebrated our anniversary) and on the way home we went by a flee market and bought the kids a little gift each.  Andrew got an $8 handsaw and has cut down over 30 trees with it.  Our goal is to be able to see up into the woods and clear out the saplings and over growth.  He is on a roll.

Two of our three computers have had the hard drives crash.  The 3rd is showing signs of dying too.  Thought I would do a quick post before I can't for a while!  Times like these you have to choose JOY!  We just put tires on my car and we have finally have found a solution for our well (an expensive one) but a solution nonetheless and I couldn't be happier about that!

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