Saturday, January 25, 2014

making progress

I was able to go spend some time with mom and dad today at Vanderbilt.  I was so pleased to see how good mom looked.  They sat her up in a chair at 6AM and she stayed there until about 2PM.  She had some jello and broth for lunch.  The nurse had her up and walking 3 different times today.  The first 2 times she walked somewhere between 50 and 80 feet and the last time it was about 280 feet.  Her blood pressure is fluctuating so that concerns her a little, she is afraid she is not progressing well but she is.  She is a fighter! Praying for sleep for both mom and dad tonight.

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Philip M. Watson, CFP™ said...

We're happy that your mom is doing so well. Please put us on your list for Maureens Little Helpers. Our phone number is (615) 790-4886 home, and (615) 599-6996

Phil & Susan Watson