Saturday, January 25, 2014

surgery is complete

The valve replacement surgery was completed as scheduled yesterday.  Here is an update from my dad this morning...

Thanks to all family for your prayers and words of love. Maureen as you would imagine had some short periods of severe chest pain over night that was quickly dealt with. We also found out that as they were about to close her up her heart stopped and had to be manually massaged back into rhythm. She is sitting up as of 6:00 this morning. Absolutely wonderful nurse Jeremy took great care of her. At this level of recovery it is one patient/one nurse. Jeremy says  she is further along than most of the other valve patients whose surgery was earlier than hers yesterday. Praising God for his healing and his provision of wonderful surgery team, nursing staff, facilities and that probably unwilling pig that provided her new valve. This is the day The Lord has made; we are rejoicing and are glad in it. 

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