Friday, January 31, 2014

moving in the right direction

Last night mom was a little restless but she had a care nurse stay with her all night and that was good.  Dad got a call from Vanderbilt at 5:30 AM and it was none other than mom asking where he was... she thought surgery was today;)

Even though she is still dealing with some confusion (less than yesterday) she has been able to...

  • Shower and dress herself
  • walk 4 laps around the floor
  • eat 3 good meals
  • make and receive phone calls
  • carry on multiply conversations
We are so encouraged by her progress.  Those that saw her Wednesday and then again today were amazed at her turn around.  God is good.  We give him the glory and the thanks for mom and her progress and we have been able to vocally give him thanks while others are in the room asking what we thought.  Dad was even able to pray for someone who has a sister in the room beside mom's.  

We end this day thankful and trusting that tomorrow will bring even better things.  Mom was ready to go home today but that wasn't possible.  Pray for good rest and that mom would not get too restless waiting to go home.  

Thank you for praying!

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