Thursday, January 30, 2014


Today brought many answered prayers!

  • Mom ate 2 meals, so far.
  • No pain meds since 7am.
  • No Haldol at all today.
  • Mom waked around the loop.
  • Mom has been able to get to and from the bathroom with little assistance.
I know there is more.  I was not there to witness it but my dad and Autumn were.  I think Paul is there now. I talked to mom via speaker phone.  She is still a little confused... thinks she lives in PA, etc.  There are actually some funny stories.  

So God brought relief to her and to us and even the staff caring for her at Vanderbilt.  She is not fully out of the woods but everyone is encouraged and thanking the Lord for today and for her progress.  Last night was the lowest of lows and today we give thanks to a very gracious God!

To HIM be the Glory forever and ever!

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Dave Ellison said...

Praise the Lord Elizabeth for the better day that your dear Mom and our dear sister had. We are so thankful for your updates to us all. Let us know when the timing might be right for us to give her a call. Be assured of our continued prayers for Maureen and for each of you. With love and appreciation, Uncle David and A.J.