Wednesday, January 29, 2014

trusting HIM, praying for her

My prayer last night was that yesterday would be her toughest day.  The Lord heard but did not answer in the way I had hoped.

Last night mom was up and down all night long.  The psychosis/delirium is bad.  Everyone that comes in says this is the worst case they have experienced.

Autumn, Paul and I were with dad at the hospital today.  They have mom on Haldol and it lasts about 45 minutes and then she becomes restless, tries to get out of bed and then begins the moaning and yelling.  We know she has to be in pain but they are trying to keep her off the narcotic type drugs so she can hopefully come back to a sound state of mind.  She will not open her eyes or respond to any commands today.  About 5:30 this evening they gave her Morphine to help with pain and when we left her she was resting well.

Dad slept well at home last night and is home again tonight.  Vanderbilt sets you up with a sitter if you have a patient that needs assistance and we qualified for that so it gives us some peace of mind knowing someone is right by her side when she wakes up and can call a nurse to come quickly... it takes several people to help her when she wakes.

Many have asked what they can do to help and the answer is pray.  Dad is weary and broken for his bride. Mom needs serious healing.  The doctors still think this behavior falls into a ICU Psychosis/delirium/narcotic side effect.  The thought is that it will take as many or more days for her to come out of this state as it did to get to this point.  So at some point they are expecting to her turn for the better and climb back down from where she is.  You can also pray that this is what the doctors are telling us and not an episode like she has had in the past.

Trusting the ONE who holds us.

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