Tuesday, January 28, 2014

update for 1-28-14

Rough day for mom, hardest yet.

Since she stepped down last night she is disconnected from everything but oxygen and a few tubes that are in but not hooked to anything.

Confused, tired and disoriented are words I can use to describe mom today.  No eye contact and really not opening her eyes.  She is talking a lot and most of it does not make much sense or is very repetitive.  She knew my name some of the time today but not always.

The Dr. has assured us this is normal and that in a couple of days it should pass.  He believes it to be ICU Psychosis that is enhanced by the pain meds she is on.  Her case is rather severe.

The day got harder and harder.  The staff recognized dad's need for rest and told him to go home.  He was assured she would be in good hands and well cared for.

Your continued prayers are appreciated and specifically for clarity of mind for mom.

The stronger pain meds were not being given this afternoon (and I assume this evening as well) in hopes that it would help pull her out of this state she is in.

Thank you for faithfully lifting our family up to the Lord!


Philip M. Watson, CFP™ said...

Ok, thanks again for the update. I'm sorry that your mom is having such a rough time, but it has to be reassuring that they told Jerry to go on home ( unless he was causing trouble, which he's sometimes known to do ;-) ). Sending prayers.

Rick & Lisa Florian said...

Love those Jeters. Praying.

Rick & Lisa Florian said...

Love those Jeters. Praying.