Thursday, January 2, 2014

update for 1-2-14

Yesterday was a great day for mom!

The vent is out.  She is getting in and out of bed.  She has eaten some solid foods.  She is talking and smiling and even asked me to bring her a hair brush.

This morning...
The cardiologist team came in and they are going to run dye through her arteries (arteriogram)tomorrow to check for blockage, they want to correct everything that's needs attention while she is open and on the operating table.  They seem to think that she may go home before the surgery to gain as much strength as possible but that has not been fully decided. 

A new daytime nurse was assigned to her today and when she came in to meet them she asked mom how she was feeling after her heart attack!  The words HEART ATTACK had not been mentioned up to this point.  Dad questioned how she heard that and she said that her chart did not directly say that she had a heart attack but the numbers that they look at to determine that were at a level that qualify a heart attack.  So that is something to ask about today.

Today's concern is excessive fluid that still needs to be cleared up.  Mom is also wheezing so they are treating her with some steroids (through breathing treatments).  Yesterday the thought is that she would be at the hospital another week.  She may be moved to a regular room today, there is a big need for beds in the intensive care unit.  There are several flu cases there.  A strand of Flu A is going around that was not covered in the Flu shot.  They doctors at the hospital and even at Hope's doctor assumed they had the shot, they both have the strand A.

Hope did wake up fever free today and is feeling normal.  Rusty is down for the count.  He went to bed at 7:30 and has not been up yet (it's 10:15AM).

I am sure I have forgotten some details but I will update this same post again tonight with any new information.  Thanks for your continued prayers.  The road ahead will be tough for her but we are so thankful for the corner turned yesterday.


Mom moved down 3 floors in the Critical Care Tower at Vanderbilt. 

She will not have the arteriogram tomorrow, the Dr. does not think she is strong enough to go through it so they will re-evaluate in 2-3 days.

She either had a heart attack or her heart was in the same state as a heart attack.  The number they observe that has to do with the heart (I can't think of what it is called) is supposed to be .1, hers when measured was .5 and then .7, which is high. 

Dad was able to help mom get a shower tonight and they both were glad.  Being clean lifted her spirits! 

Dad plans on sleeping at home tonight.

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Courtney Cassada said...

just getting on the computer for the first time in days...and read about your mom (and hope and your husband!)

praying...what a scary ordeal!!