Friday, January 3, 2014

update for 1-3-14

Today has been a pretty uneventful day.  Mom LOOKED GREAT!  Much more like herself.  She did make a lap around the cardiovascular progressive health floor:) 

Monday holds an arteriogram for mom.  What that test reveals depends on the next step.  If her arteries are in bad shape they will do heart surgery before she leaves and if they feel like she can wait they will send her home for a few days, surgery would be scheduled for within a week of her leaving the hospital.  Mom is on fluid restriction.  The doctors want to see more improvement with the flu and pneumonia over the weekend.  Mom seems to do fine and her numbers look good when she is sitting or standing but not when she is in bed, this is part of the reason that the arteriogram will not happen until Monday.

Her central line has been taken out, it was bothering her so she is thankful.  I think that I have failed to mention that even though she is off the vent she is still on oxygen, through her nose.  She can't keep her levels up high enough without it.

I only saw mom briefly today but it was a good visit. 

My dad has not been home yet.  Mom really needed him for the transition of being in a new room so he gladly stayed.  He may break away briefly tomorrow.  His health is slowly improving, he says he feels fine.

Mom got some flowers today and they were a pleasant surprise.  She loves flowers!

Unless there is big news in the next couple of days I may not update here until we have the results of the arteriogram on Monday.

And we give our thanks to Him who sits on the throne.


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