Thursday, April 24, 2014

14 years with us

On April 7, 2000 I was awakened from my sleep due to my water breaking.  We questioned whether or not it was my water and still without fully knowing we gathered our things from our rented farm house in Carthage and headed to the hospital in Lebanon.  I was just a little over 34 weeks pregnant with a baby that we did not yet know the sex of.  We were young and naive, not really concerned that I might be delivering nearly 6 weeks early.  After a lot of details, which I will spare you from, Aubrey Anna entered the world at 2:53 p.m. and she made us parents for the very first time.  Our 5lb baby girl was healthy and beautiful.

She was good baby and fun toddler that brought us much joy and delight.  She made this parenting thing look pretty easy (the next two children stomped all over that myth, easy parenting that is).  

Aubrey is a passionate and compassionate young lady.  She has amazed us with her ability to car for her siblings, cook meals, and care for our home (except for her room, something went wrong there).  She loves animals and she loves orphans and hopes to use both of those loves on the mission field one day.

Her next venture is to raise goats for meat.  We have Rwandan friends that have begged us to get goats so they can have goat brochettes and goat stew.  Looks like we are moving in that direction... milking goats may come next:)

We are thankful for this daughter of ours.  She is beautiful inside and out and her heart truly shows how she likes to serve others.  We are blessed to get the privileged to parent her!


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