Tuesday, May 6, 2014

chickens and children and more

In short, chickens are fun to raise.  
They grow and change at a rapid rate.
These girls (hopefully girls) are fun to watch.
 From cute and fuzzy to ugly as they get their feathers.
 We have started both flocks inside in a baby pool.
It's moving day.
 Playhouse now turned chicken coop.
 These smart birds "flew the coop" twice.
A stressful experience with a happy ending.
 We can't wait to see what these Black and Red Starts look like full grown.

This is the children part of the post...
We were asked to join the Kindergarten readiness program that Legacy Mission Village runs.
These kids are refugees from Asian, African and Hispanic decent.
They are still learning English. 

Aimee is our friend from Rwanda.
 All but two of these children had never been to the zoo or seen animals this close up.

 It was a great experience for our 3 oldest kids!

We had 4 cats.
And now we have 3.
Not sure what happened.
One of our cats has 6 kittens.
We planned to keep none!
Now maybe one.
We will be needing good homes very soon.
They started walking yesterday.
They are so fun to watch.

This is Grayson, the father.
I will have to post pictures of the kittens soon. 

We started some seeds, way behind schedule.

We are hopeful for strawberries!
We LOVE fresh strawberries and they are expensive to buy locally.

What mess, what a personality!

So thankful for the spring/summer-like weather!
So much to do and not enough time in the day to do it!

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