Monday, June 2, 2014

summer is in full swing

It is hard to believe that we are in JUNE already!
School is out for 2 kids and 2 others have math and more to finish up.

These pictures are not in order, issue uploading but they cover a bit of what we have been up to for the past few weeks!

Our friendly "neighborhood" turkey.  She lays in the backyard and drinks from the pond.

Rusty and Andrew made a door for the chicks to go in and out of their coop.

Saturday was a full work day around here.

She was dancing in the driveway before we planted some more blueberry bushes. 

I think this was a game of super heroes!

Fresh asparagus... we have some wild plants growing that we pick from.

We planted apple tress, peach tress and blueberry bushes last week. 

A boy that is proud of his dirt.

Trying out a really cool gun that belongs to his uncle.

The not-showered-but-I-don't-care look!
We have a camp-out for Memorial Day... the adults camped IN.

This 70" rat snake is not longer with us... Andrew shot it out of the tree.

A lady at my dad's office sends Hope gifts from time to time... she loved it!

The garden is growing but it hasn't been effortless...
The orange eggs below are ladybug eggs, very beneficial!

A little mid-day squirrel hunting.

Our walk at the Greenway.

5 miles was too far for Hope.  I piggybacked her for the last 1/2 mile and Andrew took care of her bike!

More from Memorial Day...

Our tiny little kittens have already eaten a mouse, a shew, a chipmunk and part of a snake.  Their mama takes care of them:/

We got a surprise visit from one of Rusty's cousins and Andrew made another new best friend.  
They rode 4-wheelers, talked knives and guns and camped out!

Back to Memorial Day...
4-wheeler mud riding.

Airsoft, after 2 shots he decided my advice to wait until he is 10 to play was good!

A big sister who takes time to play!

Puppy meets kitten...

Aubrey earned her level award at American Heritage Girls!  A 2 year accomplishment that she did in one year!

Family Day at New Frontiers...
I was with the younger group at the magic carpet (again, these are totally out of order)!

Yesterday we went to my parents house for lunch and then took a last minute fishing trip to a friend of my dad's... ends up our kids knew each other and they had a ton of fun, even fishing through the downpour!  
Andrew caught the first fish before everyone even got out of the car.

Off to wake up the kids so we can go visit friends... summer is busy, not relaxed!  But this kind of busy is fun!


beckyheel said...

That. Snake. ARGH!

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