Saturday, June 28, 2014

summer has not been lazy this year

June has proved to be a busy month for us.  I am looking forward to July which should be a little slower.

Carter went to summer camp and Aubrey is currently on a missions trip in St. Louis serving in the inner city in a Muslim community.  We have not talked to her in a week (she does not have a cell phone yet) and we can't wait until she gets back tomorrow.  

The tree fort has been worked on.

We volunteered at the Ag Center for Dairy Day (I had the photo booth)!

The kids worked games.

Caroline came and stayed with us for almost 2 weeks!!!

We made a trip to MS for the Rutledge Family Reunion, a first for Hope and Benjamin.
Caroline got to go with us since Carter was at camp.

An evening walk in Ma Sue's neighborhood.

Silliness at the library!

(yes, i let the kids dress themselves... most of the time and this is one of them)

Blackberries are starting to come in!!!

Our garden has been S L O W this year.  We started with not enough rain and then too much.
We have eaten some green beans, a few cucumbers, a few peppers and a couple of tomatoes.
Usually by this time we are drowning in vegetables!

We have had a chicken disaster at our house.
A fox killed 21 of Carter's chickens that were laying eggs.
A dog(s) killed 15 of Andrew's pullets.
One of our dogs may have been accompanying our neighbors dog, we don't know for sure.
It was sad to find dead chickens laying everywhere... so many feathers you can't even begin to imagine.

Some days things go well and others not so much.
It's all ok, we are learning!

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