Wednesday, July 9, 2014

our crazy life

Two of us LOVE birds.
We have only seen this bird, the Summer Tanger, once before at a State Park and this year Andrew saw it in a tree in our backyard.  

My mom gave us a pool last year, we declined and this year we accepted.  Eager to get it up and full.

I guess you could call this a redneck playground:)

We have had a chicken disaster this year.  Carter lost 21 of his lay hens to a fox (he has 3 left) and Andrew lost 15 of his pullets to dogs (he has 9 left).  Andrew will still show 5 chickens in August and sell them at the auction.

We have 2 Black Stars.

7 Red Stars

3 Barred Rocks

This dog, Daisy, is a MESS!

He, Copper, is a BIG BABY!  Who doesn't listen well.

The cats killed this little guy.

She wanted to hold it.

We have 4 cats now.




Buddy (our newest member around here)

I have a love/hate relationship here.

Love to watch them.
Hate it when they eat my beets, okra, sweet potato vines and swiss chard- which is happening daily!

I love herb too!  I use them often and just simply like the way they look.



Lemon Balm



Orange Mint





The wildness to our lives...

I finally put a feeder out front and now our beloved cats like to catch the birds... not good!

I dug up some Iris up from my dad's house which were originally from my grandparents house... hoping they bloom next year!

I have peaches ordered so I can make plenty of jam for the months ahead.
We are ordering more chickens to replace our lost ones.
Goats are still coming but possibly not until spring... a friend bred all of their goats.
The garden is still not great.  Slowly getting a few things.
Ordering books and planning for this next school year.

Full speed ahead!

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