Tuesday, October 28, 2014

a weekend to remember

Back in 2012 a spiritual mentor from Family Life gave Rusty and I tickets to A Weekend To Remember (a marriage conference), she also gave us tickets to bring friends.

The tickets were good from 2012-2014 so we drug our feet and signed up for the last possible one in reasonable driving distance from our house.  We met our friends in Chattanooga and since this was a time to reconnect with your spouse we didn't see our friends as much as we would have liked to.  We did want to honor the time that we had there for each other.

We recently celebrated 16 years together.  We have been getting to know one another for 20 years. Crazy how quickly that goes by!  

The conference was good.  It brought out some ugly and lots of good.  There were couples there that were just engaged, married 2 months and married for 52 years... they value their marriage.  By the time we left we were in a very good place and had learned and relearned things that we should never let go of.  Marriages were saved, the testimonies were so powerful!

We took our time coming home Sunday.  Plans at our house had already changed over the weekend, my dad got sick.  My parents were watching our kids.  We had previously decided to attend a monthly church dinner and on our way there (a 45 minutes drive) Benjamin throws up, a lot.  We turn around and Rusty drops me and Benjamin off at home.  He had to get back in the car and go to Franklin, where our church is, to pick up Carter who was with a friend.  Rusty and the kids enjoyed their Greek dinner and dancing and then make a quick stop at Kroger for Saltines and Gatorade.  Oh yeah, and Rusty picked me up some flowers.

They make it home and Rusty begins looking for his phone and can't find it.  He calls it from my phone and someone from the FRANKLIN Kroger answers it.  Sooooo he gets back in the car and goes to Franklin again.  He gets home around 10:00.  I still have all of the kids up, hoping the vomiting is OVER.  

Everyone slept well.  Benjamin tells me in the morning that our dog Daisy was in the car and our other dog was trying to get in.  You see, the night before, I left the windows down on purpose so the car could air out from the throw up.  I go take a peek and discover that my car is horribly scratched where the dogs went in and tried to go in.  And then a few hours later I find that they not only tried to go in one window but THREE!  My car is a mess.  That afternoon we went to piano and discover that the dog chewed the back corner our of one of our seats.  

Let's just pour salt in the wound please!  And maybe a little alcohol!

I kept my cool through the entire disaster.  Getting the spiritual teaching we did over the weekend helped tremendously.  

We did have a good weekend away.
This was Benjamin's FIRST time to throw-up since he has been our son!
No one else has gotten sick and it is Tuesday night!

Satan is live and active and would have loved to have placed stress and a wall between Rusty and I over these series of events but this time he did not win, he didn't even come close.

Family units are under attack.  Pray for your family and pray with your spouse, daily!  Read the Bible together and if you have kids, read it to them no matter their age.

I would recommend this conference to anyone, it was good!

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