Wednesday, October 22, 2014

side tracked

 It is hard to ALWAYS be diligent when the teacher has ADD/ADHD tendencies!

When you have things like cute kittens to check on between subjects....
You go to the garage with the intentions of just doing a quick check and stay for 20 minutes and then decide to go get your camera to capture the cuteness.

And when your 9th grader needs to collect mushrooms and fungi to complete her Biology experiment you all head into the woods for 2 hours instead of 20 minutes.

And the wild energetic dogs have to stay behind...
 not sure why they are both yawning at the same time:)

And when you come back from the woods you "have" to check on the coop and the chickens.
And if you are lucky or patient you might see a chicken lay an egg.
I wasn't patient. 

AND then you go the herb garden and collect stuff to dry and freeze and work on that until dinner!

One child did not complete math but everyone else batted 100% even with all of the distractions:)

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