Friday, October 3, 2014

just at home

We love being at home.
Enjoying what we have.

Our animal lover, Aubrey, has a best friend.
This beast of a dog, Copper, loves people.
He loves laps.
He loves to jump.
He loves to bark at night, outside my window:/

The oldest boy here is always in motion.
And he loves others to be in motion with him.

He is ALWAYS helping.
Work or fun, he is there.

Aubrey has been sewing some fun dresses for Hope to play in.
Hope is delighted:)

Another negative about free range chickens.

Ann had 5 kittens.
The runt didn't make it.
New life is pretty amazing!
All of the kittens are spoken for, we are not keeping any!

An evening 4-wheeler ride with Hope (one of her favorite things to do).

The HUGE fall project.

Saving seeds for next summer.
We love fresh cut Zinnias! 

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