Friday, October 3, 2014

turning 7 is a big deal

Growing up so fast.

His new "turning 7 privilege" is scrambling his own eggs.

He loves to help.
He loves to eat.
He loves to pretend.
He loves to be with people.
He is a curious boy that gets into "trouble" but wants to please and be a part of everything.
He loves super heroes!
Did I mention that he loves to eat.
He loves to do well in school, it doesn't always come easy for him.
He wants to give his money to the "poor people".
He loves life!

He has come SO far.

He loves cake- actually sugar anything!

He loves having a birthday.

He loves gifts.
This is a huge deal for him.

He has waited for a hammock and he finally got one, "like the big kids".

Just a little excited.

We are blessed that the Lord chose Benjamin for us.
He is an awesome kid!

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